You, Me, and the Sea

The breeze whispers to her

Raven curls kiss her face

As each sandy treasure

She puts into place

Her legs are imprinted 

Deep in the sand

Droplets of sea foam

Rest on her hands


erase all my fears

Protect and keep me 

throughout the years.”

These magickal words 

Spill from her lips

Seashells and agates 

Encircle her hips

Call of the Ocean 

Deep within me

Gifts from the Goddess

 Flow like the sea

Relentlessly crashing 

On the shores of my heart

Washing away 

All that tore me apart

Lashes glisten 

As salty streams fall

Breathing her in

Consumed by the call

Ebbing and flowing 

The Goddess speaks

“I am within you, 

I flow down your cheeks

Every tear should remind you, 

You’re never alone

My love for you 

I’ve continually shown

No matter the storm 

You are with me

For we are all one

You, me, and the Sea”

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