The Call

In the quiet of the night

Winged soul doth take flight

Rhythmic heart calls out to me

Is this the one to set us free

Searching, roaming, whispers on the wind

Aching, longing, willing it to begin

Goddess, am I endlessly lost

Forever chasing the legend’s ghost

Will this journey find truths end

Past, present, future mend


Emerald earthly waves below me

Rippling, raging  azure sea

Cold, craggy mountains face

Towering timberlands full of grace

Blinding, bitter opalescent drifts

Breathtaking, soul searching flowing cliffs

All these and more my eyes have seen

Searching for the one, the Shadow Queen


Once again I hear the call

Eroding my soul, takes it’s toll

Curse or gift I know not

Still the spell I tie knot by knot

Eternal moons I will seek

The one to protect magic’s seat

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