Bottles, Feathers, and True Magic




Within the witch’s cabinet there are many tools. Some mysterious, others so bland they are over looked by the unknowing eye. You can never have too much stacked on the shelves hidden behind unassuming doors.

My nook is overflowing with bits of who I am, what I believe, memories, treasures, knowledge gained and yet to be learned. Beautiful bottles, corks of all sizes, candles of various colors, books… some dusty others well worn, smudge sticks new and used, feathers, incense, sweetgrass, essential oils, tarot cards, stones, and crystals. There are items that bring tears to my eyes when I use them. A Bodhrán given to me by my beloved Father, jewelry my Grandmother wore, an intricately carved wooden box from my niece, a medicine bag a thoughtful gift from the man I love. So many emotions are contained behind these two doors. Yet if a stranger opened it they would not see or feel what I do. The heart shaped rocks collected on beaches with my family, those would not be seen as a magical treasure to someone who does not know the story. The hours spent, neck bent, eyes searching every bit of sand for the stone that tells of love. The cheers that rang through the air when one was found, all the others racing to the winner to see their prize. Packing the new found gem in a pocket for hours until back at home where it finds its place of honor on a bedside table or maybe a windowsill.

For me there are no rules for what must be found within a witch’s stash of magical odds and ends. Magic is found in what those items mean to you. Without love, memories, hope, knowledge, joy, and intention magic will elude you. It all starts with the spark that everyday life gives you. What you do with it from there is where you will find true magic!


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