The Dance

Flickering and crackling she held the flame near the smudge. She inhaled the cleansing smoke that flowed as flame became embers. Curling, so delicate and other worldly the wisps encircled her as she began the dance.
Her feet, unshod caressing the ground, strands of wild grass climbing her ankles. Hands reaching for the heavens, heart pounding out the mesmerizing chant that spilled from her lips. Her circle complete she knelt, breathless. Her soul blazing with song, again the whisper beckoning her to come home.
Sage, its distinctive aroma transports me to a sacred place. Within this space all that is old and forgotten transforms, enriching me, renewing my spirit. Within the circle I am protected, mind free and open to the call. Free to dance as I once did, skirts spinning sunwise. Memories pour into me as I begin to unite the old with the new. 
Sage, Lavender,and Mint smudge sticks I made. Simply beautiful!

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